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Speed Animations

2008-07-02 03:38:32 by tman93

Hey everyone, it's summer and i'm just gonna start it off by showing everyone some speed animations that I've been doing on my off time from baseball!

I'm just gettting back into rythem and everything, and quality is not meant to be at it's best!!


shorter version)




5) I tried on this one C:


UPDATES.... 7/3

i'll be updating this a tonnn



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2008-07-02 03:44:21

the first one is the best

tman93 responds:

why thank you C:


2008-07-02 04:09:52

Haha dude, can you teach me how to animate sticks like you?

pretty fucking amazing.

tman93 responds:

haha, thanks mang C:

and why not?


2008-07-02 05:29:32

theres a shorter version now? well i still thing the longer version is better, its better than what i could ever do

tman93 responds:

haha thanks alot C:


2008-07-02 13:12:26

I like the first one, seing as its the longest. I love the sword effects in the third one and that sword in the sixth one reminds me of the one in GhostFight :3
Have you ever considered making a stickman game ?

tman93 responds:

haha, yeah.

well i'm sorta teaming up with ppl now for games.

but i hope to make one soon!


2008-07-02 14:00:22

hey, how'd you get that "trail" effect on the swords, im sure its code, right? and did you make it or..?

tman93 responds:

yes indeed, it is a code. i didn't make it but got it from someone else.


2008-07-02 17:03:38

I was watching that Pirate Collab and I stopped watching it right after your part because it was TEH MOST AWESOME PART.

tman93 responds:

haha thanks bro C:


2008-07-03 16:34:38

any chance you could point me in the direction of said code?

tman93 responds:

i can't.. sorry, i don't mean to seem like a dick, but it's something secret. what would make me stand out, along with others with the code, if i gave it to everyone?


2008-07-04 10:47:45

I've wanted to get into animation for a long time xD. Can you point me in the right direction? Suggestions, programs, tutorials, etc. Love your work, keep doing your thing. :D

tman93 responds:

hey man. yeah i can help you go to the right direction!

First of all, you might want to think about downloading a trial of the flash cs3.. (I use flash 8 because that's waht i prefer myself).

second, you may want a community to be around, so you'll be around others striding towards the same goal.

thats a good site to start out at. from there, go to their forums and register to see whats going on!

I can't really give you the program tho because it'd be a bit illegal!

Maybe go to and search for their cs3 flash!

THanks alot dude!


2008-07-04 11:11:58

but then, you keep a secret that isnt yours? who made the code, then, surely its their decision?

tman93 responds:

Yeah, it isn't mine, but the person told me to not give it to anyone!


2008-07-04 17:35:46

gah! bloody secrecy! >:(

tman93 responds:

sorry :C


2008-07-07 20:11:29

The resurection effect in the last one are awesome.

tman93 responds:

thanks alot man C:


2008-07-13 18:19:50

Love your stuff man, stay with sticks. Slippery animation best made me lol.


2008-07-14 09:49:19

They are very good. No doubt.
Maybe you should put them into some random compilation of your unfinished works/tests. People like to see those sort of stuffs. Like me!
Hopefully submit more animations to newgrounds when you make em ^^


2008-07-14 09:51:22

Plus, the trail effects you got there are awesome! But I do think that not many viewers will take much notice in it. I mean, we will, but with all the other hectic action going on in that screen, it's not always noticeable. But don't stop using it!
And keep it a secret. ;)


2008-07-14 10:01:44

Another comment...ever considered moving onto fullbody? Since u r so artistic

tman93 responds:

haha, yeah i'm venturing into fb now!

thanks for the comment x 3!


2008-07-18 15:23:01

<Content voice> Mmmm. Well animated caroon blood. </Content voice>


2008-08-29 17:41:02

antiup is gone, I can't watch any of your flash at the moment. D: